Sunday, 5 June 2016

creativity in every stitch

Welcome to our blog, we hope that you will enjoy reading and following our news and updates.

Exciting news, we have been busy designing a new collection embroidery projects for you to make or present as gifts, which may be bought thorough our workshop, ORCHARD LEARNING STUDIOS  and keep a look out for our new  DIZZY AND CREATIVE website and shop, it will be coming very soon!

Our Diary Dates:
Saturday and Sunday 18th & 19th June
A weekend of fabulous fun with a range of workshops, something for everyone!

Thursday 14th July 4pm 'til late
Fun workshops with ideas for affordable wedding decorations, invitations and place settings

Sunday 28th August 10.30am-4.30pm
Family Workshops, fun for all ages

Saturday and Sunday 17th & 18th September
Family Workshops, fun for all ages

Saturday 24th September
ST. DOMINICK                                                                                         
Fabulous fun with a range of workshops, something for everyone!     

Wednesday 5th - Sunday 9th October
ALEXANDRA PALACE, LONDON                     

Come and visit our stand (M19) and see the fabulous additions to our range of Dizzy and Creative Embroidery and Sewing projects!

One of our favourite quotes:
"It's amazing what you can achieve, if you don't care who gets the credit" (Harry S Truman)

Thank you for taking time to read our blog, we hope that you feel inspired to come and join us at one of our events or be creative at one of our workshops.

Dizzy and Creative X

Monday, 28 March 2016

Dizzy and Creative meet two young and exciting designers.

As well as trying to search out as many Easter Eggs as the Bunny hid for us, we recently caught up with two young exciting designers showing humour and fabulous style through their work. We hope you their enjoy and like their work too, take a peek through their links and see what they are up to.

We love Sarah's quirky sense of humour!!
Sarah Edmonds is a self taught illustrator living and working in sunny Worthing. Raised on a farm on the Welsh
borderlands, she has been making and drawing since a young age. She creates illustrated maps, alphabets, colourful characters and explorations of the natural world using a fusion of hand drawn and digital techniques. Sarah draws inspiration from vintage print production, instructional children's illustration and mid-century colour palettes. She is a huge fan of word-play and is a self-professed crayon nerd, always carrying a sketchbook with her to capture intriguing ideas, people and places. In summer 2015 she held an interactive exhibition entitled Bird Life at Fika, Brick Lane, London. This new body of work explored the relationship between humans and birds. She divides her time between client work for museums, publishers and organisations and producing her own illustration-led collection for sale. She is currently developing a more narrative portfolio and is represented by The Catchpole Agency for children's books.

Visit Sarah's Etsy shop to browse her ranges of cards, prints and bags. As a special treat she's offering readers of Dizzy & Creative a 10% discount off any order with the code DIZZYCREATIVE16 (offer ends 31 May 2016).
Rebecca's work is full of colour and vitality

R E B E C C A  M A R K L E S S
Rebecca is a print and interior textile designer originally from Rutland now working from her studio in London. She is inspired by nature and the weird and wonderful creatures of the world.
All her work starts in the form of hand drawings to which she then adds a contemporary colour palette and works into repeating patterns. 
Her product range currently includes cushions, teatowels and framed prints and she is working on a wallpaper and fabric range due to be launched later this year.

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Friday, 11 March 2016

Dizzy and Creative loose at London Olympia Knitting Stitching Show

Greetings to all our Dizzy and Creative readers and followers. We have just returned from our fabulous launch at the Knitting and Stitching Show at London Olympia 2016.

Dizzy & Creative Embroidery projects
Creative and I have returned happily tired, and bubbling over with excitement as we prepare our next collection.

We met so many lovely people, from established stitchers to young textile students who gave us encouraging positive feedback about our current sewing projects.

Creative and I had the opportunity to sneak away from our stand, thanks to Sam, who arrived armed with food supplies and lovely chocolatey treats to sustain us. 

We met talented Knitters and Stitchers with a variety of wonderful skills and products, so over the coming weeks follow us and we will tell you about them and share their details with you.

Being an extravagant pair, we held a special prize draw to win one of our sewing projects and Nicki from Gosport, was the lucky winner!  Congratulations Nicki, please send a photo of your finished Bird panel embroidery and we will picture into our new customer gallery that is coming to the Orchard Learning Studios website soon.!  ( don’t worry we won’t set a deadline!).

Bird's eye view of the show
Carol and Jay, under the illusion that they are our carers, perched us (Dizzy and Creative Dolls) up onto a shelf, thinking it would keep us out of mischief ! We had a birds eye-view of the show and many admirers, who couldn’t resist buying our pattern, and have promised to send us pictures for our picture gallery. We would love to meet them, maybe at another show?

Peter Lanyon Furniture
We would like to thank Peter Lanyon Furniture, for providing us with an exquisite stool to display our cushion, both were greatly admired. Peter, offers courses and workshops across Devon and Cornwall, which would make an ideal gift or a holiday retreat for inspiring furniture makers. Contact Peter for details at

©  Jay Hooper & Carol Kennedy 2016 all rights reserved.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dizzy gets pampered.

Dizzy & Creative Doll Pattern
It’s all so exciting, I can’t believe that we are off to London next week, to the Knitting and Stitch Show at London Olympia   3 - 6 March 2016.  Carol and Jay are launching a ‘Dizzy and Creative’ doll pattern based on us, including patterns for a
dress, pants and shoes! How good is that?

To top it all, Carol and Jay have also produced the most amazing collection of quality sewing projects suitable for beginners and accomplished stitchers. When you see their new collection you will appreciate the quality and versatility, which will make fabulous gifts.
Quality embroidery projects from


March Hair 01822- 859090        

Ed pampers me

 Creative had her curly locks brightened up with highlights, the things she will do for attention!  My hairdresser, Ed, at March Hair (Yelverton Branch) sat me in a very special high chair to have my fringe and hair trimmed. I was pampered and given a lovely cup of tea and magazines to read, it was lovely and so relaxing. 

Sarah, at MH gave me a few tips to pass onto Creative, on how best to apply her make up, especially her eyeliner! (a story for another day)! 

That reminds me, I must get my nails done just before we head off on our journey, what colour to choose, decisions, decisions....!

Dizzy x

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creative gets Foiled!

Extracts from Creative's Diary
Testing a Dizzy & Creative' project

Sunday 14th February

Bit disappointed to receive just one Valentine card, but as it was signed by all the boys in the Regiment, I suppose that wasn't too bad!
Dizzy and I went to help Jay and Carol of Orchard Learning Studios
They are packing up their beautiful range of 'Dizzy & Creative' embroidery and sewing projects to launch at the Knitting and Stitching Show at London Olympia.
They have invited Dizzy and I to go with them!  Sooo exciting!  I offered to 'test drive' one of their projects, so looking forward to a bit of stitching.

Dizzy didn't realise that I'd noticed her get stuck on some of the hanging hooks - I pretended to ignore the bleats and Carol went to the rescue. Honestly not too sure how I'm going to share a hotel room with her for a week! Must look through the wardrobe and decide what to wear in London.
Devon Life Magazine (March Issue)

Tuesday 16th February

 Bought a copy of the March issue of Devon Life magazine - and there we are, Dizzy and I (with two of Jay and Carol's designs), on Page 20! So gratifying to be noticed.

                                                          Sunday 21st February
Embroidered Panel (Tulip) 

Finished off the embroidered panel, Tulip design. Jay whipped it up into a cushion cover and I think they're taking it to show on the stand at Olympia. 
I'm really pleased with the result and I have to say that it's largely due to the quality of the materials and instructions in the project. 

My new shoes - I love the colour!

Dizzy's new shoes
Tuesday 23rd February

Dizzy and I tried on some new leather shoes made especially for us by Penny B of The Hat Studio
They are sooo pretty - and very comfortable. Penny's matched the colours to our dresses really well. Jay and Carol have asked us to particularly focus on telling people about the doll pattern they've created, based on the two of us. So we have to really look our best.    
Must iron my dress.

Wednesday 24th February
Getting foiled by Laura

Went to see Laura at Rachels Hairdressing, where I had both Laura and Georgia attending me.

Laura made sure that all the foils were in place, and they  worked hard to make sure my hair will look it's very best next week. 

Must book an appointment for my nails.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dizzy's Diary

Dizzy's Diary, Sunday 14th February 2016

Dear Diary,
I had such a strange day yesterday! It was not exactly raining (for once), so I took myself off to see Carol and Jay and see if they needed any help. They're counting down to the launch of their new embroidery and sewing projects at the Knitting and Stitching Show at London Olympia, and now in the middle of packing everything up in readiness.
I got a bit carried away

I called in to the printer RedRok ( on my way to pick up some labels for them, then Carol pointed out that I'd left a curler in the back of my hair!! What Lee must have thought at the printers, I blush to think of it.

Carol and Jay invited Creative and I to go to London with them!  So excited. C & J asked me to take a look at the furniture they've put together for their stand at the show (G88) and I got a bit carried away. Jay came along after I'd been stuck for about 5 minutes, and helped me down.

Creative testing the new projects

Creative is testing out some of their new projects, and was so engrossed in sewing she didn't really notice what happened to me so can't do the superior act, for once.

Valentine's day today. Didn't get a card, but as didn't expect one am not disappointed. 

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