Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dizzy's Diary

Dizzy's Diary, Sunday 14th February 2016

Dear Diary,
I had such a strange day yesterday! It was not exactly raining (for once), so I took myself off to see Carol and Jay and see if they needed any help. They're counting down to the launch of their new embroidery and sewing projects at the Knitting and Stitching Show at London Olympia, and now in the middle of packing everything up in readiness.
I got a bit carried away

I called in to the printer RedRok ( on my way to pick up some labels for them, then Carol pointed out that I'd left a curler in the back of my hair!! What Lee must have thought at the printers, I blush to think of it.

Carol and Jay invited Creative and I to go to London with them!  So excited. C & J asked me to take a look at the furniture they've put together for their stand at the show (G88) and I got a bit carried away. Jay came along after I'd been stuck for about 5 minutes, and helped me down.

Creative testing the new projects

Creative is testing out some of their new projects, and was so engrossed in sewing she didn't really notice what happened to me so can't do the superior act, for once.

Valentine's day today. Didn't get a card, but as didn't expect one am not disappointed. 

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