Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dizzy gets pampered.

Dizzy & Creative Doll Pattern
It’s all so exciting, I can’t believe that we are off to London next week, to the Knitting and Stitch Show at London Olympia   3 - 6 March 2016.  Carol and Jay are launching a ‘Dizzy and Creative’ doll pattern based on us, including patterns for a
dress, pants and shoes! How good is that?

To top it all, Carol and Jay have also produced the most amazing collection of quality sewing projects suitable for beginners and accomplished stitchers. When you see their new collection you will appreciate the quality and versatility, which will make fabulous gifts.
Quality embroidery projects from www.orchardlearningstudios.co.uk


March Hair 01822- 859090        

Ed pampers me

 Creative had her curly locks brightened up with highlights, the things she will do for attention!  My hairdresser, Ed, at March Hair (Yelverton Branch) sat me in a very special high chair to have my fringe and hair trimmed. I was pampered and given a lovely cup of tea and magazines to read, it was lovely and so relaxing. 

Sarah, at MH gave me a few tips to pass onto Creative, on how best to apply her make up, especially her eyeliner! (a story for another day)! 

That reminds me, I must get my nails done just before we head off on our journey, what colour to choose, decisions, decisions....!

Dizzy x

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