Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creative gets Foiled!

Extracts from Creative's Diary
Testing a Dizzy & Creative' project

Sunday 14th February

Bit disappointed to receive just one Valentine card, but as it was signed by all the boys in the Regiment, I suppose that wasn't too bad!
Dizzy and I went to help Jay and Carol of Orchard Learning Studios
They are packing up their beautiful range of 'Dizzy & Creative' embroidery and sewing projects to launch at the Knitting and Stitching Show at London Olympia.
They have invited Dizzy and I to go with them!  Sooo exciting!  I offered to 'test drive' one of their projects, so looking forward to a bit of stitching.

Dizzy didn't realise that I'd noticed her get stuck on some of the hanging hooks - I pretended to ignore the bleats and Carol went to the rescue. Honestly not too sure how I'm going to share a hotel room with her for a week! Must look through the wardrobe and decide what to wear in London.
Devon Life Magazine (March Issue)

Tuesday 16th February

 Bought a copy of the March issue of Devon Life magazine - and there we are, Dizzy and I (with two of Jay and Carol's designs), on Page 20! So gratifying to be noticed.

                                                          Sunday 21st February
Embroidered Panel (Tulip) 

Finished off the embroidered panel, Tulip design. Jay whipped it up into a cushion cover and I think they're taking it to show on the stand at Olympia. 
I'm really pleased with the result and I have to say that it's largely due to the quality of the materials and instructions in the project. 

My new shoes - I love the colour!

Dizzy's new shoes
Tuesday 23rd February

Dizzy and I tried on some new leather shoes made especially for us by Penny B of The Hat Studio
They are sooo pretty - and very comfortable. Penny's matched the colours to our dresses really well. Jay and Carol have asked us to particularly focus on telling people about the doll pattern they've created, based on the two of us. So we have to really look our best.    
Must iron my dress.

Wednesday 24th February
Getting foiled by Laura

Went to see Laura at Rachels Hairdressing, where I had both Laura and Georgia attending me.

Laura made sure that all the foils were in place, and they  worked hard to make sure my hair will look it's very best next week. 

Must book an appointment for my nails.

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