Monday, 28 March 2016

Dizzy and Creative meet two young and exciting designers.

As well as trying to search out as many Easter Eggs as the Bunny hid for us, we recently caught up with two young exciting designers showing humour and fabulous style through their work. We hope you their enjoy and like their work too, take a peek through their links and see what they are up to.

We love Sarah's quirky sense of humour!!
Sarah Edmonds is a self taught illustrator living and working in sunny Worthing. Raised on a farm on the Welsh
borderlands, she has been making and drawing since a young age. She creates illustrated maps, alphabets, colourful characters and explorations of the natural world using a fusion of hand drawn and digital techniques. Sarah draws inspiration from vintage print production, instructional children's illustration and mid-century colour palettes. She is a huge fan of word-play and is a self-professed crayon nerd, always carrying a sketchbook with her to capture intriguing ideas, people and places. In summer 2015 she held an interactive exhibition entitled Bird Life at Fika, Brick Lane, London. This new body of work explored the relationship between humans and birds. She divides her time between client work for museums, publishers and organisations and producing her own illustration-led collection for sale. She is currently developing a more narrative portfolio and is represented by The Catchpole Agency for children's books.

Visit Sarah's Etsy shop to browse her ranges of cards, prints and bags. As a special treat she's offering readers of Dizzy & Creative a 10% discount off any order with the code DIZZYCREATIVE16 (offer ends 31 May 2016).
Rebecca's work is full of colour and vitality

R E B E C C A  M A R K L E S S
Rebecca is a print and interior textile designer originally from Rutland now working from her studio in London. She is inspired by nature and the weird and wonderful creatures of the world.
All her work starts in the form of hand drawings to which she then adds a contemporary colour palette and works into repeating patterns. 
Her product range currently includes cushions, teatowels and framed prints and she is working on a wallpaper and fabric range due to be launched later this year.

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